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Board of Trustees

Board Agenda

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Date: April 28, 2021

Meeting held by Telephone:


To view the Board of Trustee's Meeting please click the following link. This link will not allow for participation.
To call in via telephone please dial (415) 655-0002 US Toll and use access code: 120 706 2814
A recording of the meeting will be posted on the Board website within seven days of the meeting.


Board of Trustees Schedule

Time Committee
8:30 a.m. Academic Affairs Committee Meeting
9:30 a.m. Financial Affairs Committee Meeting
9:50 a.m. Board of Trustees Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda

Call to order at 9:50 a.m.

1. Public Participation*

* If members of the public wish to address the Board of Trustees during the Public Participation portion of the meeting, you must submit a request in writing 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting (by 9:20 a.m.) to the following email address: Please indicate your name, telephone number, and topic to be discussed. Per the University By-Laws, the Board may limit public comment to a maximum of 30 minutes. As an alternative, you may also submit your comments via email which will be shared with the Board.

2. Chairman's Report

(a) Matters outstanding

(b) Minutes of the meeting of February 24, 2021

(c) Consent Agenda Items:

(1) Contracts and Agreements (Attachment 1)

(2) Recommendations for Designation as Board of Trustees Distinguished Professors, Academic Year 2020 – 2021 (Attachment 2)

(3) Promotion and Tenure (Attachment 3)

(4) Sabbatical Leave Recommendations (Attachment 4)

(5) Appointment of Professor David Weber, PhD to the Deloitte Foundation Professorship of Accounting in the School of Business (Attachment 5)

(6) Reappointment of Professor Robert Bird, PhD to the Eversource Chair in Business Ethics in the School of Business (Attachment 6)

(7) Reappointment of Professor Chinmoy Ghosh, PhD to the Gladstein Professor of Business and Innovation in the School of Business (Attachment 7)

(8) Reappointment of Professor Nicholas H. Lurie, PhD to the Voya Financial Professor in the School of Business (Attachment 8)

(9) Reappointment of Professor Michael Willenborg, PhD to the Richard F. Kochanek Professorship in Accounting in the School of Business (Attachment 9)

(10) Reappointment of Professor Joseph Golec, PhD to the Finance Department Distinguished Scholar in the
School of Business (Attachment 10)

(11) Appointment of Associate Professor Guojin Gong, PhD as the Deloitte Foundation Faculty Fellow in the School of Business (Attachment 11)

(12) Doctor of Philosophy in Integrative Studies (Attachment 12)

(13) Master of Arts in Human Rights (Attachment 13)

(14) Master of Science in Business Research (Attachment 14)

(15) Master of Science in Financial Technology (Fintech) (Attachment 15)

(16) Master of Laws in Governance, Risk-Management and Compliance (Attachment 16)

(17) Post-Master’s Nurse Leader Certificate (Attachment 17)

(18) Post-Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate (Attachment 18)

(19) Graduate Certificate in Dementia Care (Attachment 19)

(20) Naming Recommendation for the Richard DelFavero Conference Room (Attachment 20)

(21) Naming Recommendation for the Joseph R. Marfuggi and Sherry L. Brown-Marfuggi Reception Area at UConn Hartford (Attachment 21)

(22) Naming Recommendation for Beekley Lab for Biosymmetrix at UConn Health (Attachment 22)

(23) Appointment to Canvassing Board – Election of Alumni Trustee (Attachment 23)

(d) Informational item:

(1) Notification of Proposed Changes to the By-Laws of the University of Connecticut (Attachment 24)

3. President’s Report

4. Academic Affairs Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

(b) Item requiring Board discussion and approval:

(1) Naming Recommendation for the Vergnano Institute for Inclusion in the School of Engineering (Attachment 25)

(c) Informational Items:

(1) Academic Program Inventory (Attachment 26)

(2) Faculty Consulting Program (Attachment 27)

• The University of Connecticut Consulting Program FY 20 Annual Report

• Report on the University of Connecticut’s Compliance with CGS 1-84(r) Faculty Consulting Program: Report Issued by the Faculty Consulting Oversight Committee

(3) Tenure-Track Reappointments (Attachment 28)

5. Financial Affairs Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

(b) Items requiring Board discussion and approval:

(1) Purchase of Mobile Office Buildings (Attachment 29)

(2) Project Budget (Final) for UConn Hockey Arena (Attachment 30)

(3) Project Budget (Final) for the I-Lot Improvements (Attachment 31)

(4) Project Budget (Final) for NER East Steam Repair (Phase I) (Attachment 32)

(5) Project Budget (Revised Final) for Residential Life Facilities – Hicks and Grange Student Room and Common Area Renovations (Attachment 33)

(6) Project Budget (Final) for Atwater Laboratory Emergency Power Installation (Attachment 34)

(7) Project Budget (Revised Final) for Werth Family Basketball Champions Center Hall of Fame (Attachment 35)

6. UConn Health Report

(a) Report on UConn Health activities

7. Joint Audit and Compliance Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

8. Buildings, Grounds and Environment Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

(1) Construction Market Conditions Report (04-28-2021 BGE Report)

9. Construction Management Oversight Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

10. Student Life Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

11. Institutional Advancement Committee Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

12. Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

13. Committee on Compensation Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

14. Committee for Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Report

(a) Report on Committee activities

15. Other business

16. Executive Session anticipated

17. Adjournment

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an individual with a disability and require accommodations, please call the Board of Trustees Office at 860-486-2333 prior to the meeting.